Current Studies

We are currently recruiting depressed patients and healthy volunteers for ongoing studies in the Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology (MIND) area. If you think you might be interested in participating, we welcome you to call us at 646-774-7561 to discuss studies that may be appropriate for you.

What to Expect

We try to be as efficient as possible in terms of your time. We are studying how brain circuits process and regulate mood, how well specific brain transmitters like serotonin are working, and how all of this is related to mental health and coping with stress. We look at the potential causes in terms of childhood experiences, inflammation, and genes.

Research participants may be asked to complete some or all of the following tasks:

  • brain imaging scans (PET and MRI),
  • a set of blood tests,
  • a social stress task,
  • a computer task,
  • a real-time assessment of thoughts and feelings,
  • and a series of clinical assessments.

For a detailed description of our ongoing research projects, please refer to the following: PETMRI, and stress response.

Current Studies into Suicide prevention at Columbia University, now accepting participants


Appointments will be scheduled at your convenience (taking into consideration the operating hours of our PET and MRI centers) and every effort will be made to consolidate research procedures into as few visits as possible.

All eligible participants receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation as part of their enrollment process. All patients will be closely monitored by one of our psychiatrists while completing research procedures. Patients can receive up to six months of outpatient treatment upon completion of research procedures. Inpatient treatment is also available. Click here for further information about services offered. In addition, participants will be compensated for study completion.

For further information about our studies or to refer a patient, please contact our Research Coordinator at 646-774-7561 or by email using our contact form.

Other Research Studies

Our Division is currently recruiting for several other studies, some of which offer novel treatments or psychotherapeutic interventions for suicidal behavior. Please click here to learn more about these studies.