Available Services

We seek to conduct state-of-the-art research that will help us understand why some patients are at much higher risk of suicide, so that we can identify new ways of detecting high-risk patients and better ways of helping them reduce their risk.

We do this in an environment that offers careful and comprehensive evaluation, monitoring of clinical state, and medication treatment of identified psychiatric disorders.

We want our research participants to be as safe as possible, with help available when it is needed. Our team is very experienced in taking care of patients who feel suicidal, and does so with compassion and dedication.

The following services are available to patients who participate in our research studies:

1. Thorough Psychiatric Evaluation

Participation in research studies in our division begins with a thorough psychiatric evaluation, including interviews with a research psychologist and a research psychiatrist to review current symptoms, history of previous psychiatric illness, history of treatment, developmental stressors and family history. Diagnosis and treatment recommendations are discussed with the patient as part of formulating a patient’s clinical care plan.

Available Services Conte Center

Members of the clinical assessment team.

2. Comprehensive Medical Assessment

In addition to the psychiatric evaluation, research participants receive a medical assessment that includes a review of systems, a physical examination, and blood and urine testing. If we find abnormalities that require further evaluation, the patient is informed and encouraged to develop a plan for follow-up of any relevant findings.

3. Clinical Monitoring

All patients are closely monitored by a psychiatrist while they undergo research procedures. Our Center has an on-call psychiatrist who is available by phone after hours to address any psychiatric emergencies that may arise while under our care.

4. Ongoing Psychiatric Treatment

Patients receive up to six months of free outpatient doctors’ visits with our psychopharmacologists following completion of research procedures.

In addition, the MIND Area has other ongoing research studies, including studies involving novel medications that have not been approved at this time by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of depression or bipolar disorder.

Further, cost-free inpatient treatment may be provided to research participants at the New York State Psychiatric Institute when deemed clinically appropriate.