Steven Ellis, Ph.D.

Dr. Steve Ellis, Principal Investigator, Conte Center for Suicide Prevention, Database & Statistical Core

Steven P. Ellis is Associate Professor of Clinical Neurobiology (in Psychiatry) at Columbia University. He is the Co-Leader of the Database and Statistical Core 4 in the Conte Center for Suicide Prevention: Neurobiological and Developmental Antecedents of Suicidal Behavior Related Neurobiology.

Dr. Ellis graduated cum laude with Honors with Exceptional Distinction in Mathematics, and with a masters degree in mathematics awarded simultaneously with the bachelor’s degree after four years at Yale. He also was awarded the DeForest Mathematical Prize at Yale. He was awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship in mathematics. Dr. Ellis was PI on the grant “Statistical Analysis of Neurochemical Maps” (R21 MH60995, NIMH).

Research Focus

Dr. Ellis’s interests include multivariate analysis and statistical computing.

Select Publications

1. Ellis, S.P. Dimension of the singular sets of plane-fitters, Annals of Statistics, 23, 490-501, 1995.

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